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Wenzhou-Kean University

About Wenzhou-Kean University
Wenzhou-Kean University is a Chinese-American jointly established higher education institution with Independent legal person status and limited liabilities. On November 16th 2011, the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China approved the application of preparation on establishing Wenzhou-Kean University that is cooperatively run by Wenzhou University and Kean University USA. On December 16th 2013, the Ministry of Education Panel led by Prof. HUANG Wei the Academician from Chinese Academy of Sciences inspected and reviewed the application works for the establishment of the University.

Wenzhou-Kean University has been dedicated to the principle of “providing students with different ways of development” by introducing and referencing educational resources, critical missions and advanced patterns from prestigious universities in the US. Being well-knit with Chinese actual conditions and needs in developing regional economy and cultures, the University strives for excellence in building an international university with world-class education, which is fundamentally student-oriented, innovatively inclusive, diversely developmental and characteristically unique. With comprehensive and sophisticated practices, the University set up its pedagogical goal that aims to merge Chinese and American teaching methodologies in practice from a global context, and to cultivate students with global vision, mastering of international rules and conventions, and innovative creative and initiative competences. In terms of the strategic plan for university development, the University identified itself as a teaching university at the early stage. With the development of high-quality international cooperation in research, the University will find a balance between teaching and research in its transformation to become a research-leading teaching university with world-class education. In terms of value orientation, the University adheres to the public welfare principle of Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running as a non-profit organization.

Wenzhou-Kean University will inherit the excellence from both parental universities. By complying with the aforementioned principle, Wenzhou-Kean, a world-class university will be built with first-class campus and facilities, professional faculty communities, academic research and maintenance services. It will undergo a complex process to achieve the final goal, but the University will strike for excellence in being an exceptional model for Sino-US cooperation in education with efforts from generation to generation.

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Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore-China Chapter (OPSS-China)

About OPSS-China
The Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore evolved from the SPIE Singapore Chapter and was formulated in 2008. The OPSS-China is a branch of OPSS and founded in 2015. With Optics and Photonics making inroads into virtually all areas of science and engineering, this society will provide a forum for discussion and growth among the various multidisciplinary groups within academia, research institutes and industry.

The mission of OPSS-China is to encourage regional and international communication and collaboration, to promote professional interaction and lifelong learning; recognize outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations, and to encourage scholar researchers to pursue studies and careers in Optics and Photonics field.

The Objectives of OPSS-China are:to promote optics and photonics and their applications; to facilitate the exchange of information related to optics and photonics through meetings, exhibitions, conferences, publications and other ways;to publicize and disseminate information about optics and photonics and matters concerning the profession; to encourage the advantage of optics and photonics in education and training those interested in these fields.

Activities of OPSS-China included: e-newsletters will be send to society members every month; Conferences will be held once a year. Academic experts will be invited as keynote speakers and all other scholar are welcomed to make presentations. All accepted papers will be published and indexed. Exhibitions will be co-held by OPSS-China. All OPSS members are welcomed to join the exhibitions and discount will be applied; Workshop/ Short courses will be held 2-3 times a year based on the demand of industrial partners. Domestic and international professors and specialists will be invited to train the staffs from our corporate members with the latest technology in the field; Student will be encouraged to become a member of us to interact with all experts and participate in all our activities. Job opportunities will also be posted on our website and we will help our student members to start their career.

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Zhejiang University

About Zhejiang University
As Asia’s leading university, ZJU has a long-standing commitment to seeking truth and pursuing innovation.

The University has been deeply dedicated to nurturing high-caliber innovators and future leaders for an increasingly interconnected world; to encouraging interdisciplinary and creative research that addresses challenges the world faces today; and to translating knowledge and creativity to benefit wider communities.

Over a history spanning more than 120 years, ZJU has been firmly embedded in the dynamics of a fast-growing country, where the University’s enterprising and forward-thinking ethos is recognized as an invaluable asset.

As China endeavors to build a community with a shared future for mankind, new opportunities abound in its higher education landscape. In 2017, while celebrating its 120th anniversary, ZJU was proudly selected for China’s “Double First-Class” Initiative. Embarking on a new journey, ZJU is keen to further open up to the world and collaborate globally for the betterment of the public welfare.

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