Keynote Speakers

Prof. Jinyuan Jia, Tongji University, China

贾金原, 教授,同济大学

Jinyuan Jia is Professor in School of Software Engineering and Director of Smart3D Media Lab, Tongji University. Also, he has two adjunct positions as Dean of VR School and Director of SmartVR Research Center in Jilin Animation Institute, His research is focus on Web3D key technologies including lightweight 3D modelling, progressive P2P transmission of large Web3D, cloud baking based lightweight Web3D rendering with global illumination. His team proposed a lightweight solution to online visualization of Web3D big data over mobile Internet and developed some WebVR/WebGame/WebBIM/WebTwin demonstrative projects. That attracted world-wide attentions and numerous cooperation opportunities from commercial and industrial companies. Seventeen patents of his team have been bought by Companies. His team has published more than 50 papers in SIGGRAPH Asia, CVPR, ICCV, IJCAI, SIGSIM, TOG, TVCG, CGF, TOMM, WWWJ, Graphical Models, MTAP, TVC, CAVW, PRL, NCA and other well-known CCF conferences and journals.

Speech Title: Lightweight Online Virtual City Twin Based Mobile Web3D
Abstract: With the advent of the 5G era and normalization of the epidemic, Web3D is increasingly becoming popular and the mobile online visualization it provides gradually rigid needs for many industrial and commercial activities. However, heavy data volumes, slow networking transmission, poor Web3D rendering in both effect and performance have been three major bottlenecks of online visualization of 3D big data over mobile Web browsers. For the first challenge, we proposed a lightweight 3D preprocessing by (1) finding all the repetitive 3D components; (2) streaming those complicated and non-repetitive 3D components; (3) generating the fine-grained data to suit mobile Internet. For the second one, we proposed interest degrees (repetition degree, attention degree, frustum filling degree) guided progressive transmission for smoothly free accessing of huge Web3D scenes. Furthermore, WebRTC based P2P transmission is emplyed to reduce the burdens at server once massive users accessing the same scenes online. For the third one, we proposed a lightweight and realistic Web3D rendering with global illumination by baking lightmap at servers or edges and then texturing them onto the corresponding scenes synchronously at Web browsers, that has been proved to be a high-efficient, high quality, low-cost, low consuming and lightweight solution to mobile Web3D. Our lightweight Web3D really stimulates numerous new applications, among them, digital twin is widely regarded as one of most important application of Web3D, especially, Web3D based digital city twin launches online virtual city twin and leads an creative application of Web3D big data. By integrating three above key technologies together, a novel lightweight framework of Web3D has been established and a new lightweight Web3D Big Data engine is developing for online virtual city twin. Initial results show the feasibility and effectiveness of our proposed framework.