Keynote Speakers


Prof. Ce Zhu (IEEE Fellow, ChangJiang Distinguished Professor)
University of Electronic Science & Technology of China

Ce Zhu is currently a Professor at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China. His research interests include image/video coding and communications, 3D video, visual analysis, perception and applications. He has served on the editorial boards of a few journals, including as an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (2016-2020). He has also served as a Guest Editor of a few special issues in international journals, including as a Guest Editor in the IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing (2020). He is a Fellow of the IEEE and of the IET, an APSIPA Distinguished Lecturer (2021-2022), and was also an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer of Circuits and Systems Society (2019-2020). For more information, please visit his homepage at

Speech Title: Video Coding Optimization: Challenges and Recent Developments

Abstract: The past decades have witnessed great advancement of video coding techniques and their wide applications in video communications, where rate-distortion optimization (RDO) plays a crucial role to maximize coding efficiency in video coding. In the current block-based hybrid video coding framework, the RDO is typically performed on the block level individually and independently, which is far from being optimal as it ignores the strong spatial-temporal dependency. However, a global RDO problem becomes so complex that the processing of each coding unit is dependent and entangled with each other due to the extensive use of spatial-temporal predictions in video coding. In the talk, I will discuss the challenges of achieving global RDO in one-pass video coding, and present our recent work considering the temporal dependency on top of various video coding standards, from H.264/AVC to HEVC, AV1, and to the latest Versatile Video Coding (VVC). Some work on learning to optimize video coding will also be discussed.