Track 2. Multiagent System and Robot Vision

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Chair: Zhi-xing Yang, University of Macau, China
Agent theories and models
Multiagent systems
Agent cooperation
Knowledge representation and reasoning
Organizations and institutions
Social networks
Socio-technical systems
Normative systems
Monitoring agent societies
Multiagent learning
Deep learning
Adversarial machine learning
Learning agent capabilities
Learning agent-to-agent interactions
Agents & Mainstream Computing
Mobile agents
Autonomic computing P2P, web services, grid computing,
HPCAgent-based simulation
Social simulation
Simulation techniques
Robot Architecture
Robot operating system
Humanoid robot
Network robots
mobile robot
Space and underwater robots
Autonomous robots
industrial robot
Medical and rehabilitation robots
Wheeled robot
Parallel robots
Robot swarm, search and rescue robots
Service robots
Soft robots
Robot cognition