Track 4. Artificial Intelligence and Smart Healthcare

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Chair: Baiying Lei, Shenzhen University, China
AI Application for healthcare
Clinical and medical data modeling & analytics
Smart/Mobile devices for healthcare
ICT Industry and research community
Dig-based smart healthcare
Wearable health informatics
Human-machine interfaces for disabled persons
ICT, ageing and disability
Design and development of methodologies for healthcare
Mobile technologies for healthcare applications
Evaluation and use of healthcare data
AI + Healthcare management systems
Development of assistive technology
Electronic health records and standards
MRI-based image processing
Pervasive health systems and services
CT-based image processing
e-Health applications
Medical robotics
Imaging and hardware for health care
Brain-computer interfaces
Application of health informatics in clinical cases
Based on deep learning method for clinical practice and training
Medical image and signal analysis
Biological image and signal analysis
Image guidance and robot guidance of interventions