Special Session 4 - Artificial Intelligence for Aerospace applications

  • The progress of space missions has promoted the development of artificial intelligence technology in the aerospace field. Specifically, the deployment of intelligent algorithms on spacecraft to enhance the intelligence capabilities of spacecraft has become the current trend. In the face of this development trend, and guided by the typical requirements of aerospace applications, this special session focuses on the research of common artificial intelligence technologies such as intelligent perception, intelligent control, and intelligent computing, and trying to propose feasible solutions to the problems of intelligent perception, intelligent decision-making and on-orbit operation of aerospace unmanned systems in complex mission scenarios, so as to promote the aerospace field to seize the opportunity to promote a new round of space industry revolution.

    ●Related topics
    Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
    - Design of efficient AI algorithms for embedded computing platform
    - Core computing hardware design for aerospace artificial intelligence applications
    - Application of AI algorithm in aerospace applications

    Ma Zhong, Xi’an Microelectronics Technology Institute, China (mazhong@mail.com)