Special Session 5 - Intelligent affective analysis and Interactive system

  • Intelligence without an emotional component is not true AI. As the cornerstone of intelligent human-computer interaction (HCI), affective analysis focuses on recognizing emotions in text, video, speech, facial expressions, gestures, postures, etc. With the rapid development of deep learning technology, intelligent affective analysis has become a hot research topic in HCI. This special issue will solicit contributions on the recent progress of recognition, visual analysis, generation-synthesis in affective computing and HCI.

    ●Related topics
    Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
    - Sentiment and emotion analysis
    - Facial expression or micro-expression analysis
    - Text emotion, personalized dialogue system
    - Multi-modal Emotion Recognition and Sentiment Analysis
    - Personalized human computer interaction system.
    - Gesture/Action recognition or detection.
    - Human body motion and gesture based interaction
    - Visualization and visual analysis.

  • ●Organizer
    Sirui Zhao, University of Science and Technology of China & Southwest University of Science and Technology, China (sirui@mail.ustc.edu.cn)